Anxiety Therapy

Find relief from your anxiety

Anxiety Therapy in Westlake Village


No one would guess how you feel on the inside.


You hide the pounding heartbeat, the churning stomach, the shaking hands.


You don’t talk about the nagging worries that keep you up at night and play worst-case-scenario in your mind all day.


Anxiety can be lonely, embarrassing, and scary.


It seems like everyone else handles life perfectly, but for some reason, despite how smart you are, you can’t get it together.


Sometimes you can’t find your voice,

Your strength,



I get it.


I spend most of my day talking to people just like you, and I know exactly what you’re going through.


So what do I do?


I lead you back to your voice.

The real you.

The strong you.


The you who speaks your mind unabashedly and knows you can handle any situation.

Anxiety makes us play small.


You don’t have to give it that power anymore.


Let’s find the place where the anxiety stops and you come through:

Strong • Clear • Happy • Confident • Yourself


Because the life you were meant for is on the other side of this anxiety.


It’s not a life sentence.

It’s highly treatable.


And you don’t have to live with it
One. More. Day.


Call and tell me a little about what’s going on for you.


You might be surprised to learn how many people go through the same thoughts and feelings, and how much better things can get with therapy.


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Anxiety Therapy in Westlake Village


Clients often arrive in therapy suffering from painful anxiety, but with no idea about its causes or origins. For these clients, all the unknown and complex feelings swirl together in an agitating mass of unsettled worry. They examine their daily lives in search of something that will help them make sense of the nagging, persistent sense of unease they feel. Sometimes it’s easy to identify the cause —financial stress, physical safety, germs. These are very real concerns for many people, but can also become the false container for negative, confusing and overwhelming feelings that get expressed as anxiety. I work with anxious clients to help them slow down and really connect with feelings and thoughts beyond and beneath simply “anxious”. Together we make sense of the role anxiety plays in their lives, and the purpose it serves in protecting them from feeling difficult and perhaps overwhelming emotions. These feelings tell us the story of their unique life experience. As this knot is untangled, permanent resolution of anxiety unfolds. This is a much different process than teaching anxiety-control techniques and tools, although these are certainly useful as supplements. My approach to treating anxiety uses the presenting symptom as a window into the often unknown and unarticulated inner world of the patient.

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Helpful Forms

If you’re a new client, please complete the following forms and bring them to your first therapy session.


Client Psychotherapy Intake Forms

Consent to Treat a Minor


If you would like me to coordinate care with another provider (for example, your psychiatrist, primary care physician, etc.), complete this form to authorize release of psychotherapy information:


Authorization to Disclose Information Form

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