About Me

More than 20 years experience as a marriage and family therapist

Stefanie Rosen, Psy.D., MFT

Compassion, Exploration, Resolution

There are probably a few things you should know before you call.


• I work fast. I’m a 20-year veteran with a doctorate degree and too much ongoing training and education to bore you with. I know what works and I refuse to waste your time on what doesn’t.


• I tell it like it is. The last thing you need is a therapist who smiles and nods and tells you you’re great and never points out your blind spots, never challenges you, never guides you to meaningful change. I walk with my clients every step of the way through real, lasting changes in how they think and feel. You get all the kindness with none of the BS.


• I’m strong and smart…and I have my clients’ backs unrelentingly. My clients are smart and strong too, so when I hear this compliment it’s a real honor. Clients tell me they’re totally comfortable with me and couldn’t fool me if they tried, so instead of trying they can just be fully themselves, and they don’t have to hide anything about their thoughts, feelings, or experiences.


• If you have a dry sense of humor, we’ll get along just fine And yes, humor is part of therapy! Learning to laugh at ourselves and at life is part of the healing process, even if you and I both know that the laugh is a little sardonic and bittersweet at times. We grow, we learn, and things get lighter.


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