Stefanie Rosen - Westlake Village Therapist

With more than 20 years of experience, I serve
the unique needs of discerning clients.

With more than 20 years of experience, I serve the unique needs of discerning clients.

Westlake Village Therapist

Now offering Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Are you sick of feeling stuck?


Stuck in anxiety and worry?
Stuck in negative self-talk and depression?
Stuck in broken relational patterns?


I invite you to consider KAP, a truly transformative healing experience that gently breaks down the defenses that get in the way of longed-for and lasting change.


When coupled with therapeutic integration and processing with a highly trained and seasoned therapist, KAP can provide rapid relief from painful suffering and stuck patterns that get in the way of your happiness.

Learn more about Ketamine and how I use it in therapy


Concierge therapy is for you because:

You know what it’s like to be a head of industry or top of your field and you want a therapist at a comparable professional level.

You are in the public eye or the entertainment industry and you need someone who understands the particular demands and requirements of the business.

Certain clients know that their needs are different. You might need more privacy, more flexibility, more access. Concierge therapy is the perfect solution.

I have thousands of hours of experience, the highest level of academic degree and decades of professional enrichment and training.

My personal and professional ties run deep in entertainment, from studio executives to showrunners—not to mention my brief career as a camera assistant!

I only take a limited number of concierge clients so I can do my very best work with them. This arrangement allows me to work deeply and effectively, ensuring top-level care.

Benefits of concierge therapy services:

Complete privacy is guaranteed. I can come to your home, office or other convenient location.

I understand the unique scheduling demands of top-level professionals and schedule accordingly.

No more wasting time in traffic!
Tele-health is always an option.

More time
Standard therapy sessions are 50-minutes. My concierge sessions are 60 minutes, which I find to be the best fit for top-quality progress.

“It is only because of problems that we grow

Mentally and Spiritually”

M. Scott Peck

About Stefanie

Choosing a therapist stinks!

When you’re in pain, you don’t have time for anything but the best, and wading through websites for hours doesn’t get you better.

I have been helping individuals and couples just like you for 20 years, and I’ve seen it all. I know what works in therapy…and what wastes your time.

About Stefanie Rosen

Clients have said:

“Stefanie was the first person who really made a difference in my marriage. I had resigned myself to us just drifting apart, but she showed us that we could do a lot better—and we are!”


“All of my mom friends go through anxiety with how hard parenting is these days, but I knew that mine was worse than most: I just didn’t want to tell anyone. Talking to Stefanie was the best thing I ever did. Anxiety doesn’t take over my days anymore at all.”

Call now to set up an appointment. It’s time to get the life you deserve!